Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring in the City

As a child growing up in Miami, I could never understand the reason for the big fuss about spring. My dad, who was born and raised in Tehran, would wax nostalgic about the flowers blooming and the trees slowly growing leaves again and I would just sit there listening to him and feeling very meh about the whole thing. Looking back, I realize that my reaction was totally predictable for someone who lived in a climate where the arrival of spring meant nothing more than that summer, that sticky, humid, rainy mess that is a Miami summer, was just around the corner. My lack of enthusiasm probably also stemmed from the fact that there aren’t many good holidays to look forward to in the spring (I think every child grows out of Easter at the age of 5, am I right?) and also because I have a strong dislike of pastel colors and as we all know, spring has not arrived until you walk into a CVS and see row upon row of baby blue, custard yellow, and Pepto Bismol pink.  

But now that I live somewhere where we actually experience seasons, I’ve been converted into a full-on spring enthusiast. I love walking around the city and seeing the first signs of spring everywhere: from the green leaves peeking timidly out of the tree branches to the tulips and ranunculus sitting prettily in their buckets at the flower market and of course, the long awaited debut at the supermarket of strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and asparagus! (P.S. Am I the only person who’s ever put an exclamation mark after the word asparagus? Probably). It makes me so giddy that I almost want to walk around town singing ‘Spring,spring, spring’ from that old movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. But I don’t because I don’t want people to think that I’m crazy. Both for singing out loud and for liking that movie.

Here are some pictures of spring in the city. 

Hope you're having a lovely, sunny day!


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