Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A year and a half

As you know, I stopped writing monthly updates about Roman once he turned one year old and I was glad to stop really because the posts were so long and so time consuming for me to write. But I've decided to write another one now that the little one's turned 18 months old firstly because I've missed sharing things with you guys and secondly because he's grown up so much lately and is growing up so fast that I fear if I don't jot down at least a few notes about him, I won't be able to remember later what he was like at this stage. So settle yourselves down and grab a cup of tea, because here goes another long letter to my little one.

To my tiny dancer, my speedy Gonzalez, my clingy koala, my cookie monster,

Even though you hear three languages every day, you've decided to discard them all and invent your own. Apparently neither Spanish, Catalan, nor English are good enough for you. You instead like to babble in your own tongue which has words like, befusa, nyeh, puh, and gada. We're not really worried that you don't speak yet even though plenty of other babies your age do because we know it must be confusing for you to hear so many different languages around you. You used to say ´bye bye´ when you were around 13 months old, but stopped after you started attending school where you learned that the word for goodbye in Catalan is adéu. But you still understand what the word means because whether someone says bye bye, adiós, adéu, or even chao, you wave and smile. You do continue to say mama and papa and you recently learned a new word, ´caca´. This word in Spanish means ´poop´ but it's used for anything you don't want kids to touch. So sometimes while we're out walking or at the park, you will amble around looking for debris on the floor and then stand near it, point at it, and say ´caca´ while looking up at us for approval. It's a very cute habit of yours but it does make for a long walk home.

Another reason we don't worry about your hesitancy to speak is because you have other ways of communicating with us, mostly by pointing. If you want your milk, you point to the refrigerator, if you want a fruit you point at the fruit bowl on the dining table. But sometimes, you let us know what you want by bringing us things. If you want to go outside, you bring us your socks and shoes. If you want to watch Thomas the Train or Winnie the Pooh, you bring us the PS3 controller. If you want a cookie or a breadstick, you stand near the cupboard (which you don't know how to open yet, thank God!) and wait expectantly for us to open it for you.

You always have to have something clutched in your fist. Normally it's a breadstick or a cookie that you won't get around to eating until you've walked around with it for a couple of hours. But starting at around 15 months old, you developed a love for, of all things, your toothbrush. We're not sure where this attachment came from. We think you saw us brushing our teeth and wanted to do the same. But even after your teeth were clean, you insisted on taking your toothbrush everywhere with you as though it were a security blanket. You'd take it to the park (if you look at the top photo, you can see the tip of it), to restaurants, to the bath, and to bed. And heaven help the person who tries to pry it out of your grip. You're like Charlton Heston and his rifle in that respect. 

You're a lover not a fighter. Sometimes when we're at the playground or when you're at school, another baby comes over and pushes you or takes a toy or book away from you. When this happens, your chin starts to wobble, your lips quiver and you come rushing over to your papa or me and start to cry in our arms. We love that you're not a bully and, apparently, a pacifist, but we do worry a bit that you don't stick up for yourself. Furthermore, in your daycare there is one baby that bites and one that pinches but you are the baby who we've been told tries to kiss other babies. On the lips. We may soon have to teach you to respect boundaries and personal space.

You love to ´talk´ on the telephone. Amongst your favorite toys are mama and papa´s cell phones. You love to punch in numbers and hear the sounds that each button makes. But when we call someone and put you on the phone, all you do is grin from ear to ear while staring at the receiver. You love phones so much that sometimes you put things that are not phones next to your ear (like a water bottle) and have pretend one-sided conversations.

All is not fun and games though. As adorable and quirky as you are, there are times where you are quite the challenge. Since you turned a year old, you started daycare which is such a great opportunity for you to meet other littles, learn social skills and have a safe place to run and explore. But it's also a hotbed of germs and viruses. It seems like once a month you develop a cocktail of illnesses that makes you miserable, clingy and moody. When you're ill, it's very hard for your papa and I to do anything to console you. We just have to put up with days of crying and screaming, no eating and no sleeping until you get better. It doesn't help that you live in near mortal fear of your pediatrician who we've been seeing quite a lot of lately. Nothing sends you into a screaming panic quite like seeing that tiny old lady in her white lab coat.

You also have very strong opinions about your dislikes which include: diaper changes, wearing pajamas, water over your head at bath time, and putting on your coat. Your papa and I still remember the first time we saw you have a temper tantrum. We were at a toy store and you were playing with a toy stroller, pushing it all around the store. But we had to leave so we took it away from you and you screamed and fought us tooth and nail trying to get it back. It caused quite a scene in the store and we got a lot of sympathetic and understanding looks from other parents. Since then, you haven't really had many public meltdowns but you've had plenty of private ones at home with your papa and I. I think the tantrums come from your frustration at not being able to express yourself or tell us what you want or need. Sometimes you just lie down on the floor face down and sob which is so adorably pathetic because it seems like you`ve just thrown in the towel. It's so melodramatic that we can't help but laugh.

Well, I think that about sums it up. Drama king or not, your papa and I adore the heck out of you.


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  1. He said bye on skype the other day!!! Don't worry about, he's brilliant! Love this little guy so much. =)

  2. @no other way, He loves you too!