Saturday, August 24, 2013

One year old!

One year old--we made it! Everyone always tells you how quickly the first year goes by, but you never really realize it until it's happened to you and then you start beginning every sentence with the tired cliché, 'It seems like just yesterday....blah, blah, blah'.  But it really does feel like one second I had a fragile, sleepy newborn snuggled in my arms, and now I've got a wiggly octopus who can simultaneously smack me and kick me while nursing. Wiggliness and kicking aside, the Professor and I are so enamored with this little tornado. He's so curious and active and interested and playful. He engages us in peek a boo, he runs when we chase him, he gobbles up everything you put in front of him from miso soup to falafel to ghormeh sabzi (thank GOD the pickiness with food was just a phase!), he blows zerberts on our arms and bellies, he giggles maniacally at the word 'poop', he loves to play fetch with doggies and chases the cat, and he gives enormous, slobbery, open mouthed kisses which are the best things in the world.

To my big boy, my little mountain, my squiggly worm, my French kisser,

You're a walking baby! Just in time for your one year birthday (I think it was exactly a week and a half or so before you turned one) you started walking. It was such an exciting moment for us! You first started taking just a few steps mostly to get to me or to your papa but within a week you were practically speed walking and now you're so fast that if we take our eyes off you, you'll be out of sight in a few seconds.

You have mastered the fine art of pointing. You extend your arm as far as you can and point your index finger in a very Uncle Sam, 'I want YOU' kind of way. At first you pointed at people and things for no reason. Simply for the joy of pointing if there is indeed any joy in that. But now that you're 13 months old, you've realized the power of your finger as a means of communication. If you want water, you point to your water cup. If you want grapes, which you always do, you point at the grapes.

You are such a social baby. You will grin and wave and sometimes even grab the nose of anyone and everyone you see. Shortly after you turned one year old, we flew to Miami to spend the summer with your family and on the 10 hour plane ride, you amused yourself by walking up and down the aisles and waving enthusiastically at each passenger. You were such an adorable sight toddling around clutching a breadstick in your fist which you would occasionally offer to those passengers you liked best.

You are so close to saying something but we can't figure out what it is. You babble nonsensically and sometimes even shout urgently at us, 'MFEWIDSZA!' which we think means, 'Another breadstick, please!' You do sometimes say 'mama' and 'papa' but with extra syllables. So I'm your mamamamamamama. And your papa is sometimes your 'papapapapa' and sometimes he's your 'dadadada' and sometimes he's your 'babababa.'  Of course, sometimes both of us are your 'MFEWIDSZA!'

Although you're an active and playful little guy, you love to sit still for a few minutes a day so we can read to you. You sometimes even bring us the book you would like us to read to you. Your favorite book was one called, 'What does baby do?' but you received tons more books for your birthday and at this moment, your favorite book is one called, 'Peek a Who´ You grin at us as we read each page and you love to kiss your own reflection on the last page of the book. When you're not reading them, you love to pull your books off the shelf one by one and put them in a stack. We took you to a Barnes and Noble recently and while we were looking for a book to buy you, you entertained yourself by pulling around 30 books off the shelves which I had to replace while apologizing profusely to the store clerk.

I won't be posting monthly updates anymore but I'm so glad that I documented the first year of your life. Sometimes when you're asleep, I like to look back on the posts I've written and marvel at how much you've grown and how much happiness you bring to our lives. We love you so much.


P.S. For the eleven month update, click here


  1. I hope you keep posting monthly updates.

  2. adorable.. happy birthday to him!

  3. I love when he claps and fakes coughing. =)

  4. thank you guys so much for the nice comments. Ferey, I may be able to continue the monthly updates but it was hard to find the time to write them since they're such lengthy posts. Maybe I´ll do shorter ones? Thanks all of you for taking the time to leave a comment!